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We’re sharing an Easy Sidewalk Chalk Art project that everyone can do. This Mosaic Sidewalk Chalk Art is a superb means for the youngsters and adults to play outside.

Really a simple and fun way to obtain outdoors and away from electronics is to create some chalk art on your driveway or sidewalks. There are so many creative ways to produce art with sidewalk chalk. That is our favorite Sidewalk Chalk to utilize but you can make some up almost anywhere nowadays.

Mosaic Chalk Art can be carried out a couple of different ways. We chose to do a rectangular shape chalk art , but you may do a heart, or perhaps a square…really any shape you want. You then just make smaller sections inside the form with the tape. Any shape will work. Just make sure you keep consitently the tape even so that the lines will line up whenever you display the tape at the end.

We recently created this fun mosaic sidewalk chalk art using just the following two materials, Painter’s Tape Sidewalk Chalk

Directions To produce your mosaic chalk art , sweep the region in your sidewalk that you will be using. Take your painter’s tape and tape off a square or rectangle if you do not have an all-natural separation like we did.

We wanted to create all of our spaces triangles, so just tape each section so that it forms a triangle. There’s no rhyme or reason, just make them any size or shape you want. Run your hand along the tape such that it is sealed to the concrete and will give you crisp chalk lines. Color each section with an alternative color of chalk. We were pretty random with this colors but just made sure that people didn’t have two of exactly the same colors close to each other.

If you rub your fingers over the chalk , it’ll really smooth it out and fill out most of the creases and bumps. This extra step was worthwhile for the entire look of the art at the end!

When most of the squares are filled in pull up the tape and enjoy your beautiful mosaic chalk art.


Chalk art is just a fun way to spend several hours out in the sunshine…or shade with regards to the time of the year and where you live. We are likely to try our hand at a few different shapes to enhance this 1! I enjoy that this keeps the kids busy and entertained…and it’s actually a lot of fun that mom and dad and the older teenagers will want to participate in the fun too!


Pretty satisfying right?! If you enjoyed this activity, you could be thinking about looking into a number of our other fun Activities for Kids. There are some great ideas for you personally and your loved ones to savor when you have only a little additional time in the home together. The sun is out so meaning it’s time for many backyard fun! Sidewalk chalk is obviously at the the top of list and you will find so many way’s to play with it. And of course that it’s even fun for grown-ups to obtain in on the drawing fun, too!

Our favorite way to play with chalk has been pretend play, making our personal life size roads for the youngsters to operate a vehicle around on. We like to obtain everyone involved with creating the scene due to their little city across the roads. This a great activity because the kids love employing their imagination for this and it gets them moving!

Messy play fosters creativity and imagination. Children can gain independence in messy play because they pick the shapes, materials and pictures they wish to play with. I want to encourage messy play around I could with my kids. As you will see my daughter dives right in to the messy play! Chalk covered hands = a pleased day! And if you’re focused on the small mess, there’s no need because it’s all washable!

It is a long-standing tradition at the house for the Easter Bunny to leave a chalk drawing in the driveway. The children would find this surprise initial thing Easter morning, as we left for church. That silly bunny always manages to hop through the drawing leaving his colored footprints behind, as he hops up to your house and away again. I hadn’t done a drawing in years; but a year ago, Luke’s two grandnieces where coming for Easter dinner. That meant our tradition needed to be resurrected–and this time around I was recruiting some help. So, after everything was ready indoors, Rory and I put on our figurative bunny ears and hopped on out to the driveway–armed and dangerous with sidewalk chalk.

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ADVERTISEMENT We’re sharing an Easy Sidewalk Chalk Art project that anyone can do. This Mosaic …

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